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Postpartum Doula and Mother's Mentor specializing in psychology and mindfulness helping you feel calm, grounded, and trusting
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Hi there, I’m Danielle

The birth of your baby is approaching really fast and you've started to think of what happens after. You want to have a relaxed and connected postpartum experience but you're not sure where to begin. How to plan for it? How to ask for help? What to ask for help with?
You want someone to be with you after birth but you're maybe not so close to your own mother or you feel like having her around would be too much?

I'm glad you're here! Let me tell you more...

I often work with foreign families living in Finland who don't have close family near by, and who worry about having postpartum support. These are families who want a restful, nourishing, slow postpartum but who don't know how to plan or create it.

Through working with me, my clients become master delegators and create a support network that allows rest and recovery. They have a strong connection to their baby, feeling  attuned, responsive, and loving. My clients transition into parenthood with awareness and compassion. They feel connected to themselves as well as to their baby.

Through our work, my clients know how to use mindfulness to ground themselves in the present moment when life as parents becomes overwhelming. They prioritize connection with their child and understand that in order to understand their triggers, the first place to explore is themselves. Our work together helps parents learn how to do that and how to use play as a tool to maintain the connection.

My clients believe that birth is a transformational rite of passage that changes them from maiden to mother. They know that they are vulnerable as their newborn baby and that they need love and attention in postpartum. By having a postpartum doula, my clients are surrounded exactly by this type of care. I'm there by their side with a warm cooked meal, tea, a hug, and a listening ear.

My clients feel validated and cheered for as they get to know their new self as a mother as well as their baby. By going through the programs, my clients emerge feeling confident, informed, resourced, grounded, calm, and connected.

How will I support your transformation?

Postpartum Doula - Caterpillar

Preparing for Postpartum

Prepare your mind, home, relationship, and community for a postpartum of peace and joy. Every mother has different needs during this unique time, to which we will tailor my skills to best meet them.
Cocoon Postpartum Transition

Postpartum Home Visits

I’ll visit your home a few hours a week where I’ll listen, hold space for your experiences, validate you, and give you confidence in your abilities. I’ll make sure you’re well-rested and nourished - preparing warm soup or giving you a foot rub.
Butterfly Postpartum Transition

Building your village

Mothering was never meant to be a one person job. I'll share with you my best resources to help you find support and friendship in your area.

Hear what other mothers have to say

"Danielle is the person I go to when I need to share, ask advice or sometimes just vent about my motherhood struggles. I feel safe and not judged talking to her. She has a voice that calms me almost instantly, and I wish I had met her earlier in life."
"Danielle helped my partner and I get more clear and aligned on our expectations. It also helped us discover our blind spots.
Danielle also facilitated time for us to slow down and connect when we felt that we were rushing towards the birth."
In the early days after birth, I didn't remember that I existed much. I was so focused on my daughter and I felt like an extension of her. With Danielle I got to take a deep breath and also look at myself which was very helpful.
Danielle took initiative in cooking, massaging me, giving me options, talking to me, allowing silence to exist sometimes when I needed it and bringing me in some way to reality. I have a very clear feeling of being relieved whenever I need her.
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