Hi, I'm Danielle.

I am a psychologist and postpartum doula, caring for you as you discover your new role as a mother.

I believe that when you give birth to your baby, you are also giving birth to a new version of yourself.
A version that never existed before.
This transformation is big! It's huge! and it's greatly undervalued and unseen.

As your postpartum doula I can help bring more peace and joy to the first weeks of your transition to motherhood.
I answer any questions you have, connect you with local resources you may need, work with you as a family/couple, and make sure you can rest and be with your baby as much as possible!
Danielle Bensky - Postpartum Doula - Making Shakshuka

You're here because you want to feel cared for as a new mother.

Our journey together will help you feel more confident, informed and surrounded with respect, love, and care.
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You're here because you don't want to feel alone.

Having me as your doula means that you'll feel guided and validated. It won't feel like you're going through this alone. I will be there by your side with a warm cooked meal, tea, a hug, and a listening ear.

You're here because you don't want to feel worried or anxious.

Leaving behind the overwhelming amount of information around you, you'll be able to ask my all your questions instead of Googling and finding 10 different answers.
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You're here because you know that your relationship is the foundation of your family

Relationships undergo changes after birth and that’s why I focus on the entire family. By allowing both parents to experience this transition peacefully and joyfully, you’ll enjoy more heart and mind space to talk with one another and feel connected.

Frequently asked questions

Are you certified, and with whom?

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Yes, I am a postpartum professional. I graduated from the Newborn Mothers postpartum training in 2019.

How long is each postpartum in home visit that you do?

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Each in home visit is usually around 4 hours.

How do you make sure to have enough time for me?

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I never book more than 2-3 clients per month. I make sure that when I take on a new client, this does not take away any time from an already existing one. I also always work with a backup doula who can step in if needed.

What is the role of my partner in the process?

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The partner is an essential part of the process. You are encouraged to walk through the prenatal preparation sessions together and after the birth, the wellbeing of the partner is as important to me as the that of the birthing person. Together, as a family unit, you are my client.

How early should I get in touch with you?

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There isn’t really a “too early” for building a relationship with your doula. You can get in touch in the first trimester. Actually, the sooner the better. This way, we can get to know one another and create a friendly relationship that will mean something to both of us. The more comfortable you feel with me, the better my support will be.
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