Jumping into the unknown...

Much like with birth, motherhood is unknown territory.

You can read about it, maybe watch authentic birth videos, talk to other moms,

but you will never know what it truly feels like until you experience it for yourself. 

Same goes for postpartum.

People might try to prepare you and tell you about their experience but is that actually what

you want when you feel the fear of the unknown coming over you?  

I find that when I face a new situation which is so unknown to me, it requires me to let go and release.

Release expectations, release control. When I share that it's hard and stressful,

I don't necessarily want to hear suggestions or advice. I just want to know that I will have someone

for me by my side when I'll need them, when that moment comes around.

I need to hear reminders of staying grounded in the present and allowing space for my emotions

to exist and arise even if they may be irrational.  

Next time you feel yourself getting worried, try this.

The next time you feel yourself becoming worried over what might be once you turn the page into

the biggest adventure of your life, remember what it is that you really need from others or even from yourself.

Are you able to speak kindly to yourself? Are you able to comfort that little child inside of you that

just wants predictability and control? Focus on staying in the present moment and thinking

about what it is you love about your pregnancy, about your life as a pregnant person, about your relationship at this very moment?

After you've  connected to yourself in the here and now, you can calmly start to imagine your life with your newborn.

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