Mother. Nature.

Mother. Mother nature. You are part of nature. 

What does that actually mean?  

Like nature, your pregnant body knows how to grow your baby in the same way that a

flower knows how to bloom or in the same way that birds know how to migrate without

anyone giving them road signs or directing them.  

Like nature, your body knows how to birth your baby in the same way that all other mammals
birth their babies on their own without guidance but with a lot of support, love, and care.  

Like nature, we have seasons. We bloom and we need time to recover so that we can bloom again.

In order to give, we need an overflowing cup. To be able to give, we need to recover so that we can give again.

We need to be nurtured and watered so that others can enjoy the fruits of our tree.  

You are nature, mother. Mother nature!

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