Why I stopped using my watch for 8 months

When I was 8 months pregnant I decided to take off my watch.

I wanted to feel more present, to focus on the here and now. Having my watch on meant I was rushing and thinking where I needed to be and how late I was since everything took me much longer at this point (a preparation for life with a baby).

And so, after a few days without my watch I felt myself become calmer and more connected to my body. For the last month of my pregnancy I focused on doing my Hypnobirthing meditations and connecting with my baby, as well as resting and relaxing.

After the birth

After the baby was born, I felt the need to be without my watch even more strongly. T

he strict and punctual timings just did not match with my new life as a mother to a newborn. She needed me to be more lenient with timings and I felt too overwhelmed by keeping up with a strict schedule.

It was only at around 6 months postpartum that I felt my baby had established a routine for herself quite organically in a way that I didn’t need to feel pressured by seeing the time go by. It was therefore around 7 months postpartum that I started looking for my watch again, feeling it would help me throughout my day rather than stress me out and put unnecessary pressure on me.

A way of letting go of control

Taking off your watch can be something so small but at the same time a huge lesson for you, especially if you are like me, a bit of a control freak.

This is an opportunity to experiment with what it feels like not to know, and to trust your inner knowing. It is such important practice for motherhood, where I found myself in these type of situations so much more often than ever before in my life.

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